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WIX Latest Review: Difference Between WIX and WordPress


A couple of years ago, the digital world was clueless about Wix as it had just started out in the market. In a short span of time, it has reached out to be as good as the vintage website maker- WordPress. In this article, you will learn about their primary differences and similarities. Let’s see how the pioneer WordPress stands up against the agile and convenient Wix.

Pros and Cons Wix And WordPress




1)   Powerful Site Speed

2)   Great marketing for your site

3)   Lots of free templates

1)   Premium plans cannot be shared
1)   Inbuilt SEO

2)   Sites are mobile-friendly

1)   Navigation through the tools can be a bit challenging.

Design and Customization


WordPress gives a powerful dashboard, where all the features and customizations can be found for your new website. Users can pick the site’s design by clicking on Appearance > Themes (from the menu towards the left) and then follow by clicking on Add New. Themes can be installed in a series of clicks.

For customization and additional features, you can install plugins, which works the same way as installing themes. Just go to Plugins > Add New.


On the other hand, the Wix experience is much more simple and friendly to grasp from the very initial stages. The huge start-now button on the homepage tours you through the signup and also on to the first step in building your fresh site. After selecting the purpose of the website, the next step is where Wix gives you access to its website builder, this is where you can adjust all the minute details related to your site, and finally publish it to the entire world!

Apps and Plugins

For Blogging

The process is so convenient and simple that anyone who loves writing and publishing can become a blogger with Wix. After creating the skeleton of the website, you can start your blogs by creating a new page. Next, you will have to add a new blog module to the same page. Followed by creating access to the brand new blog manager. Once the content is ready with the sparkly new fonts and alignments, you are ready to take it live. Publishing your blogs as well is so easy that all you have to do is just click publish and your unique new subdomain and subdirectory become visible.

SEO Friendly

 The goal of being the best online can be achieved through the path of SEO, and Wix portrays as the best platform for that. Surprisingly, to see your website both-  growing and ranking, you don’t need to be a software coder, thanks to Wix. Here are a few reasons why your site will receive the best SEO service with Wix.

  • No requirement for coding – Yes, since it is so detailed and informative, you don’t need to be a programmer to use Wix. So, a;l the beginners can relax.
  • Naturally built-in SEO – Users can completely avoid the hassle of widgets and plugins as the SEO functionality is built directly into the Wix dashboard. This gives a lot of time to focus on the content.
  • Google integration. Connecting Wix websites to Google Search Console and Google Analytics. For the customer’s advantage – both are simple to use.


Wix provides an interesting free plan for beginners and you can pay only when you need the additional features. The paid plans, however, start at $13 per month, which is billed annually for the Combo plan. This plan is ad-free, comes with hosting, and a domain name for 1 complete year. Unlimited Plan charges about $17 per month and is ideal for established businesses or larger sites. Wix VIP plan commences at $39 per month and adds priority support for massive organizations. The cheapest e-commerce plan, which is suitable for all the new websites is the Business Basic plan at $23 per month.


The most important factor for any service is the level and quality of customer support and also the time period within which you are given a solution. And believe us Wix will not disappoint you with their 24×7 support staff. There tons of knowledge-based FAQs and video tutorials to help you out as well. I’ve found that no matter what I was doing, there is either a knowledgebase entry to help or sometimes, even a video tutorial!


If you are a complete beginner in blogging or website building and have no prior experience whatsoever. Else if you want to build your own website from scratch and keep it simple and basic website, you can instantly choose Wix.  The website can either easily sell some of your products online or comfortably serve as an online business card. What’s best is that you created all by yourself without any external help. Within minutes, you can set up a great site with the best customization and latest features.

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