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What is Technology addiction?

We all know that technology will be there wherever we go and wherever we are. It is not going anywhere away from us. Today technology has influenced all of us so much that we have considered it as a very big part of our life. Teenagers stare down at their phone or keep their eyes on some laptop or IPad. When we travel in bus or train, we might have observed, that two people sitting together on a double sharing seat, would not interact with each other instead they have their phones and would be busy texting their friends or family.

Chatting with one another has become more prominent than sitting together and talking face to face. Technology addiction can be defines as obsession for more and more technology. There are people who have revealed their stress and tension due to lack of technology for just an hour. Let it be for some class hour or meeting, it is hard for some of us to stay away from our smartphone. We will be curious and anxious all the time wondering how many texts and calls we would have received. The technology related behaviour is increasingly practised in spite of the fact that it has various negative consequences and influences us in a very wrong manner.

We need good technology in order to survive in this modern social world. People have started mocking those who don’t use technology and over dependence of the teenagers on technology has also impacted their education life. While some students make proper use of the technology in order to gain more and more knowledge about the subject while some use it as a distraction from their studies. This can be socially devastating. Technology dependence might lead to a mild annoyance and irritation when away from technology for some hours. It leads to anxiety.

“Fear of missing out” is something which is too mainstream today. Tens and young adults have increasingly started feeling the need to stay connected on social media sites and internet has become their home. They have started searching for solace and happiness on these sites and if something happens against their favour, it becomes depressing for them. Relationships have lost their value due to the social media existence and social media reputation has become lot more important for us. We constantly wonder how our friends online would be seeing us like and do we have a good image in their minds and hearts.


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