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What are the effects of internet on us?

Internet has been one of the most accepted development across the globe. The field of internet has evolved to a very large extent and the internet users have been considering it as a very good time saver for all the works they are involved into. The influence that internet has on the people is absolutely amazing and the existence of internet has become immensely important in our lives. As we know every coin has two sides, likewise internet also has its own benefits and defects.

When we talk about the benefits that internet has to offer us, the very first thing that crosses our mind is the connectivity it provides between the people living in different locations. No matter how far we live from our near and dear ones, we can instantly connect with them through various platforms like Facebook, twitter, whatsapp, email, instagram, etc.

It’s good to see how rapidly the world of internet is developing. Along with the connectivity part, internet also makes it convenient for the users to get access to whatever information they require at the moment. Internet has the answer to all the questions and doubts we have. It is the greatest source of information that we have presently.  Apart from this, internet allows us to download movies, songs, series, and all the contents that we require information about.

Internet provides a very good platform for the ones who wish to showcase their imagination in a written format through blogs, online journals which grabs attention of the online readers. So in a way internet also helps people building a good career. Another addition to its benefits is the vast online shopping facility available on the internet these days. Today consumers prefer online shopping rather than window shopping only because of one major time saving factor which is one big plus point.

Now coming to the disadvantages regarding the internet usage, the effect it has caused on the real life relationships takes the toll.  Due to more emphasis on the virtual world, people have been avoiding real life connectivity. Emotions have been affected. Also the creative capacity of the people has also drastically reduced due to the more dependence on the content provided on internet.

It has almost become impossible to avoid the world of internet. The more we demand exposure, the more we rely on internet. Internet is the best mode of communication if used in the right way keeping in mind all the morals and ethics.





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