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WebHostingPad Review – The Good and The Not So Good

Web hosting pad is a company which has been providing some of the best domain registration, shared and VPS web design service since its inception in 2005. When it’s come to hosting, I believe that a web hosting pad Is one of the best and trusted hosting providers. As it is too affordable, it is essential if you already have a terrible experience with other web hosting service providers. So, if you are gaining some knowledge about the pros and cons of a Webhosting pad, then it may help you out to make a new best decision, and you will be able to sing up without any difficulties.

This web hosting pad had a separate team to go through everything; it does not matter if you are buying hosting for the first time. They have many options of extension like .org .net and .com. If you are a beginner, then definitely going to enjoy the free service. This company provides an affordable price monthly bandwidth and space.

This web hosting pad is best for, and startup as they come at a low price, and they give a guarantee to provide the best service for a startup as it cheapest as compares to any other service provider. So, you might be thinking about the features and performance of this hosting pad, then let me you it best for the one who has no experience with this industry as it was pretty straightforward and easy to use. $1.99 per month isn’t cheap, and you can sing up with 48 months.

You might be having a debate on whether you should go for a web hosting pad or not because you don’t have an idea if you want to take my suggestion, then you should go for it. Moreover, below we are going to make a list of the pros and cons of Webhosting, then it will be clear.

So below have mentioned some of the features of the Webhosting pad, which must be considered if you are going to have a web hosting pad.

  • C panel includes all plans
  • They have an active 24/4 supports
  • Free file transfer.
  • SSD Storage on some plan

Pros and cons of web hosting pad


  • It is affordable in price
  • Much easy to use
  • You can handle C panel
  • You will be offered a free domain with shared hosting.


  • Sometimes there is an issue with the update
  • You will have a month to month shared hosting plans

So, if you are a beginner and looking for an affordable hosting price, then you should try a web hosting pad. It will, for sure, work for you. Worried about the cons to be honest if you can solve it out if you have an idea of a web hosting pad. So, with any doubt go for it you will have a great experience.

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