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Top Software Testing Myths

The user interface provided by a software application nowadays defines its popularity and profitability. An application’s user interface relies on its accessibility, functionality, consistency, usability, and protection across different devices and platforms. Throughout the lifecycle of software growth, it is therefore important for companies to concentrate on the consistency and user interface of their applications.

Top Software Testing Myths

Test Automation Makes Manual Testing Obsolete

The test automation tools allow QA professionals to conduct and repeat a variety of tests without putting in additional time and effort. Many companies are therefore finding ways of automating all research activities. Entrepreneurs also neglect the limitations of different test automation methods. They forget the simple fact that the capability to visualize and make decisions is missing in test automation software.

Unlike human testers, the methods for test automation do not precisely determine the usability and user interface of an application. Nowadays, to become popular and successful, a software application must have an ideal user interface.

Developers are not required to Test the Software

To have the quality of its software tested thoroughly and efficiently, an organization must deploy trained QA professionals. But by having the programmers and testers work together, can still speed up the software testing process. Through carrying out unit testing and integration testing during the coding process, developers will further determine the consistency of the application code.

Likewise, to ensure that the program performs according to predefined specifications, they must conduct sanity testing. In order to produce high-quality software applications, agile methodology further allows organizations to unify software development and testing practices.

No Need to Deploy Skilled Software Testers

Many entrepreneurs still assume that discovering bugs or defects in an application is the only job of testing professional. Ability and imagination are needed if software testing is not even considered. The misunderstanding also makes companies get their software reviewed by random individuals. To determine the performance and user interface of the application more efficiently a company should include actual users in the software testing process.

But to get the app tested under different user conditions and environments, it must deploy qualified testers. By designing several test situations, professional testers learn how to find the bugs and performance problems in the program. To promote the decision-making process, they also generate elaborate test results.

So, there are you have it. These are some of the Software testing myths that you should be aware of. We hope that the provided information has been of help to you.

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