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Top Free Gaming Software For PC

A reliable gaming experience can be achieved by maintaining plentiful applications on your PC. It doesn’t sound awesome to communicate with your teammates and to record or track the gameplay. A lot of software is available, which can support you. Below we mentioned the highest quality apps, which not only improves your gameplay but also guarantees the efficacy of your PC.

Top Free Gaming Software For PC

OBS Studio

Many broadcasting players prefer the program greatly. You can broadcast your gameplay on YouTube and any other website with many choices, but too many restrictions can be put on you. OBS studio is recognized as one of the best high-definition streaming programs. If you choose to broadcast with a high degree of consistency, it helps to keep you pristine. The program is easy to set up. If you are new to broadcast, it might be the best option.


WinDirStat is at the very first location on our list, as it concerns your PC storage. It’s a great app to help you determine which part of your storage is supposed to delete. It helps you find the available storage graphical statistics. The most beneficial thing about the WinDirStat is, to see how much space a program occupies on your machine is visually enticing.

Flawless WideScreen

Some games also don’t match the scale of your display. If you have jumped into a big display craze, you will probably have some problems. On the sides of your screens, black bars look bad. You can easily solve these problems in certain games by going through the settings and adjusting the resolution. But in some games, there are no such customizable options.

PC Decrapifier

Your PC comes with unuseful file loads that are mostly unused. Such file storage on your machine will take up enormous quantities. Each PC has such files or programs that you would most likely be able to add hundreds of programs if you go through the productions, which you may find unnecessary. This is the location of the PC Decrapifier.


Have you ever found a nice view or something you would like you to capture? The days have gone where we had to use the same old screenshot process. Sharex is a program that enhances and makes your screenshots very attractive. This is a convenient way to take fine screenshots but on the screenshots, you will also see a watermark for Sharex.

So, there you have it these are some of the free gaming software for PC. We hope that this has been of help to you.

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