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Technology as Boon or Bane

Technology as boon or bane

To start with, technology can be a boon and a bane provided how you take forward things. As you know these technologies can impact positively or negatively on country’s revenue. At times, it can even cause issues with the health if it is done in a wrong way. This blog will be discussing about whether technology is a boon or bane:



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Technology can make things very easy as you don’t have break your head in doing things on your own as everything will be automated there’s not much work for you to do.


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Disadvantage is that the radiations can affect a person’s mental health which is supposed to be very bad. Health is wealth if you’re rich in health, you can do things if not it is very difficult.

Coming to the point that it has moderate advantages and disadvantages of using technology as a boon or bane. Technology is like that matchstick, a tool, which on its own has no use. It’s when someone owns it, that it becomes a boon or a bane. A doctor could use the CT scan to diagnose a person’s illness and take the necessary action. The same doctor could also use the CT scan to determine whether the unborn child is a female, and if yes, get it aborted. In both cases the CT scan does the same function it is expected to. In the first case it assists in saving a patient’s life, in the second case, it assists in terminating an unborn person’s life. The difference is in the usage, here the culprit is not technology, but the person using it. I can use a knife to cut vegetables or cut a rope, I can use the same knife to murder someone. So, who is at fault here, the knife or the owner?

Technology is a boon or bane, when we let it become a master, that it becomes a bane. Mind you on it’s own, technology can never be your master. We are light years away from robots who can control humans and artificial intelligence, so let’s not even go there first. When you say technology is dominating your life, in a sense you are allowing it to do so. As a human being you have a brain, to decide what’s wrong, what’s not, when to stop, and when to get off. If you are unable to use that brain, you don’t have any right to blame others for it. People complain that technology makes one lazy and obese. Sorry, it’s not technology that’s at fault here, it’s you. If you have become a couch potato, that is your choice. You had the choice of switching off the remote control, you did not. You don’t have any right to crib about it. You find that you are unable to walk even for a short distance, because you became

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