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If you love gaming, you would definitely prefer buying a gaming smartphone which must meet two basic conditions and they are long battery life and hitch-less performance. The world of smartphones has advanced a lot and the technology that they use for multiple purposes is absolutely great. Mobile phones have become the most prominent part of everyone’s life.

All of us try to get a mobile phone for us which has all the qualities and features which can satisfy our day-to-day activities. Along with the most wanted features, we also look for the cheapest price possible. Today, since gaming has become one of the most favourite activities, the smartphone manufacturers are designing the mobiles that can support high-tech games.

The most important characteristics which we generally look for while selecting a mobile phone for us are battery life, camera quality and other modern features like great gaming experience. The screens are getting sharper, better and the cameras are very well sculpted which can deliver the best quality images. We have great offerings from the mobile industry which are better in terms of processors and performance with the help of the best hardware and backup.

In order to install graphics-intensive gaming in your smartphone, it requires powerful processing hardware and high amount of RAM. It is not so difficult now to find such effective smartphones under 30k.

Huawei Y9

Huawei Y9 which is priced at Rs 35,999 comes with great camera features due to amazing lens and display quality. It CPU configuration is terrific and is capable enough to deliver great performance. The graphics displayed on the screen are very clear and hence this smartphone is a great choice if you want to play high level games on it. The battery life is solid too with 4000mAh of capacity.

Oppo A5

This is one of the best smartphones which you can go for if you need the best performance in terms of quality and performance. It uses the powerful Octa-core 1.8 GHz CPU which matches with that of Redmi and also never fails in delivering smooth and fast performance. This smartphone has a great display which enhances your gaming experience. The battery life is good and is enough for your entire day activities. The price of this smartphone is Rs 27,899.

Nokia 8

Nokia 8 has a traditional display of 16:9 but comes with high resolution of full HD+ display. If you want to play games on your smartphone then Nokia 8 is a great option for you. The mobile uses Snapdragon 835 SoC with Adreno 540 Graphics which delivers you a great gaming experience. The price of this gadget is Rs 27,999.

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