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Today the perception is that electronics should be excluded from the bedroom, with many people assuming it inhibits comfort and sleep, is popular. While there are definitely devices to distract you more, there are plenty to help make sure that your bedroom stays quiet. Bring your bedroom to the 21st century with these excellent additional bedroom gadgets

Color-changing Mood Light Philips LivingColors

A variety of emotions in people are brought up by various colours. Green is calmness and red is passionate. With the LivingColors Micro Color Shifting Mood Lights by Philips you can change your room’s moods.

Philips’ mood lightening technology changed the face of the lights industry and allows you to choose from 64 different colors, this special lightweight space saving model.

Lumie STARTER 30 Bodyclock

Oh, you don’t really enjoy them, early in the morning awakenings?

Is this not true? We do not either. Waking up on an unnatural schedule particularly when surroundings are still dark is gloomy and moody. This is the spot to save the Lumie Bodyclock STARTER 30.


A natural illumination, this gadget is one of the strongest bedroom ideas for men and women to emulate sun’s natural activities, all of a sudden. This would make your body more energetic and ready whenever you wake up.

Suck UK Laundry Punch Bag Suck UK

Boxing and martial arts enthusiasts would enjoy this smart, cool Punch Bag Laundry Bag by Suck UK. It is big enough to wear a lot of clothing to beat long enough if you punch it like Mike Tyson!). Just place it in your dressing room, fill it with clothing, do a quick exercise, wash and repeat your fabric.

Dimming LED desk lamp TaoTronics

This TaoTronics LED desk lamp is one of our most cool desk lamps because of its versatility and practicality. Its light saving energy can be dimmed to 7 brightness levels to accommodate your behavior or mood..

Feel like chilling out All hang out? Nice, dim the lights through their sensitive touch controls.

When not in service simply rotate the arm to a slimmer profile unit. Yeah, did I say it has a smart device loading USB port?

The 30cm diameter of the Bradley Antique

What better way to enhance your inspiration and boost your geography than getting a huge globe in your bedroom if you have aspirations to see the world?

We think that the Bradley Antique Globe is a really tempting globetrotter that doesn’t cost the world. Just getting one of these in your room gives you a well-traveled individual portrait.

And here the list of some of the smart tech gadgets comes to an end. Hope, this article has been informative to you, do share your views about the same. To know more about gadgets, stay connected to us

Thank you for your time.

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