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Today’s parents are always concerned about their kids spending time with technology especially on internet. Some find it progressive but most parents try to prevent their kids from using the technology most of the time. There are parents who always check their kids’ screen time. Now what is screen time? It is the total time your kid spends in front of any digital screen like video games, smartphones, television, computers and other digital devices. Apparently the total screen time that comes out as a result at the end of the day should be low.

Most of the modern kids have addictions to video games lately. No one is suggesting that the kids must not get any screen time or all the digital devices must be prohibited from kids. If your kid is living in today’s technology driven world, it is almost impossible to do so anyway. Today kids need internet to research about their subjects, projects and also school related works. Also, education has become more technological now with the online education.

Internet can be the most reliable as well as the useful source if your kid loves reading and doing his research on various topics and issues. But then, it is also the parent’s duty to ensure that due to his overall screen time, his other major day to day activities like eating, playing, sleeping and communication with family are not compromised. Everything should go in a balance.

Now what are the dangers associated with your kid’s increased screen time? There are chances that he or she can become obese with no playing and other physical activities. There will be no physical movement if your child sits in front of some digital device and refuses to avoid it. Next danger associated with it is the hard time getting to bed. Your kid might face problems in falling asleep if he or she is too much into internet. In such cases, as a parent you need to fix time like maybe an hour or two per day so that internet addiction can be avoided.

There are both advantages and disadvantages linked to the usage of technology by kids. Parents should have control of what their kids are involved into and should take immediate charge if something unusual is happening around them. it is necessary for parents to protect their kids from nuisances of internet and technology.

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