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How to Find Server IP Address?

In this article, you will learn how to find server ip address, eg.. Mac, Windows and Linux, IP addresses basically provide info regarding the location of your device on the internet. Every computational device on this network uses a unique number, necessary to send messages to computers that are present outside your local network.

Every website on the internet has one or more IP (Internal Protocol) addresses assigned to it. You may not be concerned with the IP address of any random website, but it is crucial to know the IP address of your own website.

There are two ways to find IP addresses on network systems. You can find them manually or you can use an IP scanner, which is designed to automatically find the IP addresses within a certain range.

The basic steps for manually creating a list of device IP addresses on a network include:

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Get to the command line by opening a terminal window.

Type the right command for your system. On Linux, type the command “ifconfig” and press Return. On Windows, type the command “ipconfig” and press Return.

Get more information by typing the command “arp -a.”

You should now see a basic list of the IP addresses for devices connected to your network.

You can then input this information into an information storage tool, like a spreadsheet, that you’ll need to update by hand each time you attempt a new discovery.

Use a Global DNS checker for website IP lookup

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Go to

In the Domain field, enter your domain name.

In the Record Type list, select A.

Click Search.

Using Dig Command

The dig command is a DNS research application for Linux. Using dig, you could appearance up your public IP cope with via connecting to OpenDNS servers. OpenDNS hosts DNS servers that assist find out the IP addresses of networks at the internet. Run the following command inner your bash, sh, or another terminal.

As output you ought to get returned your public IP address from OpenDNS resolvers. Your IP cope with will be a series of companies of digits of the format 216.Fifty-eight.216.164 (which is one of the many IP addresses for Google), or a variant of this kind.

This process is unnecessarily time consuming and vulnerable to errors. Not only are you forced to manually run commands to find IP addresses whenever you want to see the devices connected to your network, but you also need to identify which of the IP addresses you find are new or have changed.

An automated IP address discovery tool is designed to make it easier to find and manage IP addresses on a network. Hope the above ways is useful for how to find server ip address.

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