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How to Ensure Effectiveness in the Educational Setting

Integrated teaching technology involves the use of one or more technologically advanced devices to introduce curricular skills and concepts. In addition to this, it involves the reinforcement, extension, remediation, enrichment and assessment of core skills and concepts to ensure the mastery level of each student that utilizes the technology. Integrated technology in the classroom is not currently considered to be a standard; instead, it is an instructional-based choice. Educators that elect to utilize integrated teaching technology must collaborate and plan in a deliberate fashion when choosing to combine the elements of technological devices and content teaching. Not all integrated technology in the classroom has been or will be effective. However, in this guide, you will be introduced to simple strategies on how to ensure its overall effectiveness in the educational setting.

The Goal

If you are considering utilizing integrated teaching technology, it is essential that you understand that it has the ability to assist students in the development of the most basic skills to the most complex skills. In order for it to be successful in this manner, educators must make informed decisions regarding its use. They must consider the needs of their students and the objectives in learning that will be taught through the technology that is used. When considering this approach for your classroom, it is not enough to know what types of technology are available for the classroom. You must also have a clear perspective on how the learning of your students may be enhanced through the use of the technologically devices that you elect to use in the educational setting. Integrated technology in the classroom involves more than the utilization of technological devices. True integrated teaching technology is when the devices that are used actually enhance the process of learning for the student or students that are subjected to it, as this is the true goal of the technological teaching method.

Optimizing Effectiveness

There are numerous technological tools that may assist enhancing the learning process in the classroom. Examples of these tools include smartphones, desktop computers, laptop computers, eReader devices, tablets, social media platforms, software applications, digital cameras and products that are similar in nature. In order to ensure the effectiveness of integrated technology in the classroom, you must first ensure that you elect to use the devices that are most appropriate to the needs of the curriculum that the technology will support. In addition to this, the devices that you elect to utilize must be available to students when they require their use and must pertain to the lesson, or lessons, at hand. The technological devices must be considered an imperative component of the overall learning process in order to be truly effective.

When utilizing integrated teaching technology as an educator, you must ensure that the following occurs in order to optimize its overall effectiveness in your classroom:

Your student or students must be able to access resources that are considered to be reputable and contain the most up-to-date information.

The technological devices used in the classroom must provide students with the ability to collect and/or record specific types of data and information.

The devices that you integrate into the educational environment for the purpose and intent of technology integration in the classroom should provide a way for students to collaborate with other students and educators. It is also important that your students have a means of connecting with experts, worldwide. This will enhance their overall knowledge and expertise on a given subject.

Integrated teaching technology should allow the student or students to be subjected to multimedia to optimize their understanding of a subject, skill or concept. The technological devices should also permit the student to express their overall understanding of the material covered through multimedia applications.

Assessments should be made available so that students have the capability of expressing the knowledge that they have obtained while using technological devices in the classroom.


As you can see, there are many ways to ensure that integrated technology in the classroom is successful. It is not enough to merely make these devices available to your students. You must ensure that they are obtaining knowledge from the devices. This is true integrated teaching technology. You may use online learning classrooms, technology-based projects, game-based learning, mobile and handheld learning, instructional tools such as whiteboards that have a high level of interactivity, internet technology, podcasts, videos, collaborative tools such as Google Docs, web-based assessments, and social media in order to teach your students important skills and concepts that are relevant to the curriculum that you are covering in the classroom.

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