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How google screen share works?

Google Hangouts is one of the best established voice call and voice call websites. it is famous because it has many functionality such as  it enables  you to connect audio , video, text messaging and screen sharing to music. If  you just want an audio-only sharing, it can be  useful to switch off the video that save processing power for video calls and show your files, videos, any other content form to other person or group.  Hence we think about about a moment then,   Screen sharing is a technological opportunity  because it enables you  to resolve the challenge by sharing the computer with you.

This is why we’ve compiled this short walkthrough. Just follow these steps and you’ll be sharing your screens on Google Hangouts in no time!

Do you ever would like to show other people what you do when they are on your screen from some other device?Users can share your screen with other people via Google Hangout, either having a meeting or conducting a class. And during video conference, they can even connect further users.


  1. Join or start a video call.
  2. On the left side of the screen, click Share screen .
  3. Select to share your whole screen, or just a browser window, and click Share.

Organizations who work together via screen sharing apps & co-browsing have a cost cut.  The screen sharing feature enables a user to see screen of yet another user instantly and to lead everyone to the hardest conversations, guidelines and frameworks. ,In particular, it could be used for strategizing  analysis, presentation with the co-workers.

Top Screen Sharing Apps

 Zoom Screen Sharing:

Zoom is the leading organization with a secure cloud network for business video communications. With an unmatched flexibility, built-in collaborative tools, end-to – end security and more, Zoom simplifies real-time communications & sharing of information in video conferences. Zoom provides a cloud-based room solution called Zoom Space that enables video video chat with apps for every wide area.

 Troop Messenger Screen Sharing:

Troop Messenger is one of the  most popular screen sharing  platforms out there , enabling participants to share their screen in a session. Workers could see changes on the broadcaster’s screen in real time.

 Discord Screen Sharing

Discord has gathering enormous popularity, because the screen sharing features are great. It was predominantly designed for  gamers to interact and cooperate but companies can use it too.
It has the all-in-one voice chat and text features that is completely free, and has intelligent and features unique features.


Conclusion :

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