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Hostinger Review 2020 – Features and Pricing

If you are on the lookout for cheap reliable web hosting that offers great features, then look no further because Hostinger is what you need!

Yes! Hostinger!

It is, if not the cheapest, then one of the cheapest web hosting options available out there! 

Not just that, it also has quite a lot of features, and the prices are damn affordable. 

How do I know this?

Well, I have been using Hostinger for the last four and a half years, and I would, without a doubt, recommend this web host to those in the early stages. 

Lets’ go over the fact that makes Hostinger a great web hosting option. 

Hostinger Review 2020: Features

One of the best things that make Hostinger one of the best web hosts around is its features. Here are some of its most astonishing features.

Ease of Use

Hostinger probably is the easiest to use web hosting service provider. 

They have their own version of the control panel that would be a great option for new users.

But if you are someone who’s already accustomed to cPanel, then you might not like its dashboard. The interface is very simple, and track logins, billing information, monitoring emails, and also managing your domains can be done from the dashboard with ease. 

This also comes with bigger than average icons, which help you in finding what you want with ease. It’s a great option for getting your website up and running. 

Security and Privacy

When talking about the security of a website, the first thing that everybody thinks about is SSL certificates. 

And for them having that solves all their security issues. But that’s not true at all. 

Having SSL certificates are very necessary; that part is true, but this thing doesn’t ensure total security. There are quite a lot of other security measures necessary for that to protect your website. 

Hostinger takes security measures very seriously and provides its users with Bitninja and SpamAssassin. 

These are two of the best security tools that a website can have. 

The role of Bitninja is to protect your site 24/7 from XSS, DDoS, malware, script injection, brute force, and other automated attacks. And on the other hand, SpamAssassin automatically scans for and removes all email spam.

SSL Certificate, Cloudflare Protection, Daily Backups to Weekly Data Backups, BitNinja, Smart Security Protection, and SpamAssassin Protection are some of the security measures that are provided by Hostinger. 

Despite providing cheap plans, they also provide the users with this many security features. 

This only goes to show how serious they are about the security of their customers. 

Great Customer Service and Knowledgebase

Truth be told, Hostinger doesn’t have the vest web hosting team out there, but they do provide the users with the best possible service. 

According to some people, the response time is pretty high, but that’s not what I experienced. I just had to wait for less than a minute, and there was already a person replying to my live chat messages. 

He was quite knowledgeable and very fast at his job. Along with that was very patient, and all of my problems were solved within a few minutes. 

Apart from that, they have an integrated Intercom is their main support system. 

The main issue with their support is that you need to be logged in to the account to access the live chat option. 

But their knowledgebase covers up that issue with ease. Almost all answers to your queries would be available there. 

Good Performance

The performance of a web host is dictated by its uptime and site load speed. 

Hostinger promises its users with 99.99% uptime, but that is not something that they can deliver. They are able to deliver 99.97% uptime on average. 

The occasional downtimes would be around 3-5 hours for over the course of a month.

Site Load speed is another factor that you need to take into account. This is a very important aspect of a site because the more time you need to load the site, the more visitors you lose.

According to Google, it was revealed that nearly 40% of visitors abandon your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.  

Hostinger is quite different in that case as it has a high load speed. 

Well, those were just some basic features of Hostinger. Apparently, there are quite a lot of other features as well, such as a website builder, free domain name, etc. 

Now, moving on to the Hosting plans available with Hostinger. 

Hostinger Plans and Pricing

Hostinger has quite a lot of different types of web hosting, and a brief description of these have been provided below.

Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is the most popular type of web hosting, and basically, there are three plans available. 

Single sharing hosting, Premium shared hosting, and Business shared hosting, and these plans are available at $0.99/month, $2.89/month, and $3.99/month. 

The features of these plans differ a lot, and the single sharing plans come with one website, one email, 100GB bandwidth, Free SSL certificates, etc. 

That was the most basic plan that is available with Hostinger. But the other two plans are very popular, and the Premium shared hosting plan is the most popular plan that they have. 

Now, this plan has quite a lot of features such as Free SSL certificates and Domain, Unlimited email, and bandwidth, and you can host an unlimited number of websites here. 

Following that, there is the Business Shared Web Hosting Plan, and all the features are the same as the last plan. But it comes with Free daily backups and double the resources of the last plan. 

Cloud Hosting

The best part about Cloud Hosting available with Hostinger is that every plan comes with a domain free of cost. 

There are three plans cloud hosting plans, which are Cloud Startup, Cloud Professional, and Cloud Global, and these are available at $9.99/month, $18.99/month, and %56.99/month.

All the plans come with nearly the same features, but the denominations of the features just keep going as you choose a higher plan. Some of their features are unlimited websites and bandwidth, free SSD storage, Free SSL and domain, RAM, CPU cores, etc. 

The loud professional plan is the most popular plan available with them, but the Cloud Global is the best cloud hosting plan that they have as it is powered by Google Cloud. 

VPS Hosting 

The VPS hosting plans that they have are quite attractive.

Basically, there are eight web hosting plans, and as you go up, the features get better, and so does the price. 

The best part about this plan is the fact that they come with free dedicated IP, Full root access, and thus everything is right under your control, and you decide what you want to do with your hosting. 


So, after taking everything into consideration, it could be easily said that they have some of the best plans despite being so cheap. 

You can quite easily say that they are the very embodiment of the term “value for money!” They are the best fit for people in their early stages and for advanced webmasters as well. 

And if you happen to not like their services, then you can always choose the money-back guarantee and get your money back.

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