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Google Pixel 3 has been doing rounds in the news for its best price and most amazing features they are providing us with. A technology piece with normal sound rear and 12.2mp rear camera and f/1.8 aperture. The best thing about Google phone is that they provide us with amazing pictures. The phone design is satisfying just like few of other well established smartphones in the market. It is 5.5inch screen and has dual front facing speakers. This small sized phone can do absolute wonders.

It is considered to be one hand friendly sized smartphone. Initially when the smartphone was launched in the market, it was considered to be the best phone with the best camera. Pixel 3 is considered to be the photography champion. This phone proves that we need not require some heavy size phone in order to capture great photos. It has a good machine learning camera software and has been consistent in terms of providing good photos.

The battery life is considered to be a disadvantage in this gadget. For ones who really care about the battery life of the smartphone, should think thrice before going for this smartphone. Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL are known for their cutting edge features and are some of the best Google handsets which you consider before buying a smartphone for you.

The Pixel 3 has a two tone design and has 80% matte finish. The screen is big enough and feels good in hands. When you compare the new Google phones with the predecessors, there are some good and new features that are added. The entire back is made of soft touch glass with the help of Gorilla Glass 5. It is a strong glass which protects the screen and also comes with a hybrid coating.

The glass cover of the mobile ensures a better LTE connection and also wireless charging. This is also a welcome change which Google has adapted and also much better than the previous phones by Google. It has a fingerprint sensor and a smoothing machine with better performance. It also comes with USB-C ear buds in the box which you receive when you buy the smartphone. Apart from that you can always choose the colour you want, but black is a very attractive option when you go for this phone.

Getting a good smartphone is a tough choice. You need to get all the important details about the options you have preferred while buying a good smartphone. At the end of the day, all you need is a smartphone which will deliver the best performance in all aspects.

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