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Best Smart Home Gadgets You Can Rely On

Smart home gadgets or devices are the things which makes your home smart and your life easy. There are a number of devices which are smart enough for your home. You can switch off or dim the light just by your smartphone, you can play the music just by voice command, lock your doors by using technology, clean your house by robots or watch your house even when you are away from the house. Smart home gadgets work on artificial intelligence. Let us discuss some of the best smart home gadgets you can rely on.

  • Amazon Echo:

This smart device can control other devices, can book the appointments, give the weather reports, read audiobooks and can even shop online by your voice. It is an excellent speaker. It has a broad range of capabilities and this is the reason it is a hot choice among people. With the Echo 3rd generation, you can even create an intercom to let the kids know in another room when the dinner is ready.

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  • Arlo Q:

It is a security camera of 1080p resolution with high picture quality. It works well both in day and night. It has a motion detection sensor which works so accurately and also has scheduling features which are flexible. It has a storage space also in which video is stored and you can watch the later in case you missed something or any other reason. It is one of the best security cameras so far. You just need to plug it in the power socket. It is not waterproof, but it is best to capture the interior of the house.

  • Philips Hue White A19 Starter Kit:

This kit comes with two bulbs and a hub to connect them with the other device in the house. Though, the color of the bulls cannot be changed, you can adjust the brightness as per your choice. It is compatible with many other devices like Alexa, Google home, Nest, Apple kit, etc. It has one more awesome feature that you can connect the bulbs with the multimedia devices through philips hue sync and when you play any music, the light will change the color.

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  • Nest Hello:

It is a video doorbell which has the highest recording quality. It has a good microphone and speaker which makes it the best smart home gadget. This device recognizes he face and can even inform when they come to the house. It has a smart lock which allows the person to let in which you want to come inside the house.

So these are some cool best smart home gadgets which you should include in your house. We hope you liked this article and we wish to see you soon again with more interesting topics you might love.

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