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Best Portable Power Bank

Best Portable Power Bank

While smartphones are improving with every new generation of devices released by battery manufacturers, there is no doubt that they are far from being great. Certainly, some smartphones claim very long battery life, but if you use your smartphone heavily, chances are, the battery will still not last all day. In such cases, the only hope for your devices is a portable battery pack.

best portable power bank

Anker Powerhouse

It is not just a power bank, but it is a powerhouse, as it has a 120000 mAh battery. It is currently the most powerful power bank in the world. This huge power bank has many features. You can use this power bank not only with your smartphone, but also with your other gadgets such as laptops, mini freezes, air condition, even emergency medical equipment. It is an ideal power solution for camping and outdoor activity.

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Poweradd Pilot X1 Power Bank

It is another great and reliable power bank that is relatively inexpensive and inexpensive despite its high-quality features. The power bank has a capacity of around 5,200 mAh and ensures that it provides you better service. Therefore, it is one of the best portable power banks that features an LED indicator. For each and every LED indicator, it will always show 25% battery. Get it today and you will really love it.

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Intex IT-PB15k (15,000 mAh)

Intex has a higher capacity version for its power banks. The Intex IT-PB15k comes with 3 output ports and looks quite serious providing promising power. The power bank is available in Black on Amazon and Flipkart.

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RAVPower Luster portable charger

The RAVPower Shine Portable Charger may be super-cheap, but it still offers a perfectly decent capacity of 6,700mAh, which will certainly get your smartphone up to zero-100 percent at least once, and maybe twice. Enough to give power. This power bank is fairly lightweight (about the same weight as your average mobile phone), will fit in most pockets, and is compatible with a wide range of devices. In short, this is a great option for an evening or weekend in which you do not expect to use your devices mega-intensively. Also, if you find it difficult to find a small black device among all your small, black devices, this colorful portable charger can be easily spotted.

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Mi 20000mAh Power Bank (White)

With a capacity of 20000mAH, the Mi 20000mAH power bank is the perfect mobile accessory for long-haul flights. Xiaomi Power Bank is a new Texas Instruments control chip built within 20000mAH that allows fast charging by which it can be fully charged within 7 hours. Considered with dual USB ports, the Xiaomi Power Bank 20000mAH not only charges the connected device fast, but also adapts its output depending on the connected device.

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The Poweradd Apollo Pro uses solar power to have a capacity of 23000 mAh. It joins the list of power banks, ideal for those who like to go for outdoor adventures. Apollo Pro will always keep mobile devices charged and ready for use.

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