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Best Keyboards Under 1000

A keyboard is an integral aspect of gaming. You will be spending hours on pressing keyboard keys while gaming. The keys, therefore, need to be sensitive and convenient. It must be sufficiently efficient to keep games. Although the budget of Rs. 1000 is not large enough, you do not have enough options. However, a decent budget game keyboard is still available. So here are a few options that would cost you less than 1000.

Best Keyboards Under 1000


Another strong rs. 1000 game keyboard in India is the AMKETTE Evo Fox. The keyboard feels a mechanical but not a mechanical keyboard. The keyboard has a good construction quality, so it is designed for gaming. It has a resistant spill nature and long sifted cable with a magnet ring. 10 million keystrokes are classified for keys. Rainbow Backlighting with a respiratory effect is also present on the keyboard. The keyboard has 12 multimedia keys, standard keys, and 19-key anti-ghosting capabilities.

Live Tech KB03 PRO

Live Tech KB03 PRO is another great option. While it’s not of a popular brand, it promises a lot. The keyboard is durable and shock-resistant and can survive by mistake. It is ergonomically built and has a high-ranking key. The keyboard also has a palm rest for quick typing and play. On a black backdrop, all keys are clearly indicated in white. Anti-ghosting keys support.

Offbeat Slayer

Offbeat Slayer is also a decent RGB lighting game keyboard for decent gameplay. The clavier has 7 Color RGB light rainbows that breathe. The luminance level of RGB light can be changed. It is a gameplay optimized membrane keyboard. A smooth and sensitive play experience is given on the keyboard. The business says that keys have a keystroke test level of 10, 000, 000 times. The construction is all-metal and shock-resistant and usage-proof.

 Zebronics Zeb-Transformer-k

Zebronics Zeb-Transformer-k is the best play keyboard for the Rs. 1000 budget. The game keyboard is a USB game with an RGB lighting effect. The keyboard has laser keycaps and is made of aluminum. The keyboard is rubberized to ensure that when playing games it stays stable. It also has integrated media access, along with standard keys. The high-quality USB connector and cable Braided guarantee long-lasting. Zebronics also notes that 80 million keystrokes have been rated as a keyboard.

So, these are a few keyboards that are available under 1000 and there are quite a lot of other options as well. We hope this has been of help to you.

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