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Best Entertainment Apps for Android

Gone are the days when getting your hands on on finding ways to entertain yourself was a challenging task however with the birth of outstanding entertainment apps now available on the Play Store you will have plenty of options for having from with the help of your smartphones. in this article we have created a list of some of the best free entertainment apps for Android uses to you have some fun check out the list below


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Netflix is title to be the millennials favourite entertaining app it is title to be the most popular TV and movies subscription service in the entire World the official Netflix app will permit the users to access thousands of easy to stream movies and television shows this popular on demand video streaming app has some of the biggest hits and award winning documentary stand up comedy movies and web series. the app also offers 30 days of free trial to its uses before asking for the subscription which starts with 200 rupees per month.


Fixture is another most used entertainment app that permits the uses not only to stream and download movies but also to browse the nearby theatres for showtimes and purchasing of movie tickets additional e this app also allows rating movies that have been watched earlier by you and even see what your friends prefer watching. that is equipped with Rotten tomatoes which will enable you to discover new fence what’s the latest movie trailers and read the overview of the movies

Pandora app

Can you guess which is the most common method people tend to do in order to entertain themselves? Well it’s nothing but listening to music radios and podcasts shows. Pandora app being one of the best music streaming apps for Android permits the users to create customise radio stations based on their preferences with your favourite artist and such more the app is known for delivering music straight to your mobile device that is created as per your preferences moreover the service is completely free of cost with some limitations and its you can also opt for a subscription in order to eliminate ads and enjoy offline music listening


Plex is a popular recreation app that is known for offering streaming movies for free of cost shows live TV and search more also one can experience waving the favourite pictures watch films and listen to the music tunes that is stored on your PC to an Android device. Besides consuming your locally stored media you can also have the option of sharing your media on Plex’s cloud server. However to enjoy limitless features you cannot for the paid subscription as the free version of the app restricts users to enjoy some features only

And here the list of some of the best entertainment apps for Android users comes to an end. Thank you for your time

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