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Best budget friendly smartphone brands that you can prefer buying in 2020!

If you think buying a cheap smartphone won’t let you enjoy the best features of a smartphone, then you are wrong. Today, the smartphone companies have launched various budget friendly smartphones that can perform the roles of an expensive smartphone. It will give you the latest features, performance, user-friendliness and also helps you save a lot of money. When you get a cheap and good phone with all the best and important features in it, you feel great and elated.

We know that in 2020, some of the greatest and the most expensive flagship smartphones have been launched already which can literally scare you when you’ll witness their price structures. But don’t worry, there are many cheap smartphones that have just entered the market. It is a sense of satisfaction when you possess a real productive gadget which can always fulfil your needs and requirements.

There are many phones which easily come under your budget and be provide you with all the good features which an expensive phone provides you with. The best part about buying phone online is it comes with a discount and also offers are available on different online shopping portals.

This article will help you in knowing much more about some cheap and budget friendly latest smartphones that can fulfil your dream of owning a mobile phone with the best features in it.

Real Me 7

This one comes with the best camera quality and also this smartphone has been credited as one of the most affordable and top gadgets in the market. It is consumer friendly and also has a good battery life with 5000mAh. This phone has a premium design and you have a dual camera setup which will also offer you with the portrait mode. The lighting effects are pretty nice and the camera quality looks promising. It provides a phenomenal value for the money that its charging you with some great performance and affordable price. If you plan to buy 4GB RAM and 64GB storage, then it will cost you $219.

Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC

It is a good budget offering smartphone. It is one of the best performers in the smartphone market. It has a very decent build up quality and also good dual camera setup. It has the battery life up to 5000mah. This smartphone boasts of its strengths like excellent camera, great battery life and also a very beautiful display. It will cost you just $250.

Oppo A9

This smartphone is already excelling in several areas like camera quality, battery life, user-friendliness and also great budget. The battery life is up to 5000mAh along with 48MP quad-camera. The experience of clicking such clear photos on this smartphone will surely make you happy and satisfied. It will cost you just $285 and this smartphone is highly recommended.

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