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Best AI Apps for Android & iOS

In this era of technology, Artificial intelligence is one of the most prominent technology driven innovation. It provides you the opportunities to finish of your task in minimum time with more accuracy and efficiency. Overall, Artificial Intelligence tends to help you automate the tasks, speed up the process and make your work smarter. Smartphones being an integral part in day to day’s life, it is now extremely difficult to function without it. Both the major platforms, Android and ios now includes apps that are Artificial Intelligence driven. This provides a higher level of convenience and comfort to its users. In this article we will be discussing about the most significant AI apps for both, iOS and Android that can make your lives better.

Check out the list below;

ELSA Speak

Complete Guide: How to use Elsa Speak - YouTube

ELSA stands for English Smart Speech Assistant; it is one of the most popular apps when it comes to teaching the English language. The app helps the users to learn English rapidly, it also helps in improving your pronunciation. Through this app, you can speak pretty good English in less than a month. The users will have to speak a word and they will get the right pronunciation by the same that would encourage learning. The app is Free of cost and is easily available on Appstore as well as Playstore.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is been widely used because of its easy and convenient smart voicr control system that permits you to search anything by one tap or send instant messages. You can either use the app just by holding on the home button on the iOS and Android device or just by saying “Ok Google” and Google Assistant will be at your service to help you. Using this AI based app, you can also send messages, check appointment, send birthday messages, attend calls hand-free and almost every possible activity. Apart from setting dates and listening music, users can also take selfies.


FaceApp is one of the recent AI launches that can be used on both the platforms, Android and iOS. The app is creating a huge buzz as people now can transform their images into stunning pictures with an ease. The app provides features to change your gender, hairstyle, looks, smile, shape of the face and so on. To make it more interesting, you can add few filters to change your entire look. It also known as a hairstyle app as it can transforms the hairstyle for free of cost.

To conclude, these Artificial intelligence-based apps not only help you daily but also supports in your business activities for betterment. Overall, you can entertain yourself by using some of these AI apps. To know more about AI, stay tuned. Thank you for your time.

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