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Artificial Intelligence is Forex Megadroid’s Middle Name

Everyone in Forex trading seems to be talking about it, and expert blogs are popping up all over with either raves or caution about its specs and most certainly its artificial intelligence. All profits aside, and the percentages are demonstrated as triple digit profits, the robot is unique among Forex robots. It commands a place in the robot army that puts it in a rank unto itself.

*Cautions First

Some traders have found the software installation process to be a bit difficult. No overall reasons why, based on recent industry blog posts. Everyone is different, and some people are simply having more troubles with it than others. Lots of advice in this area is available online if you buy it and need help installing it. Developers Perrie and Grace actually promise that the time to install their product is less than 5 minutes. Some traders are actually suggesting that traders test the Megadroid for at least 6 weeks to make sure it is installed correctly, and working satisfactorily. The software is definitely something new to comprehend, and comes with the need to understand installation issues, and basic operating procedures. Apparently, human intelligence may need practice getting used to artificial intelligence, which has its limits, after all.

Initial support was sketchy due to the sheer volume of questions. Hopefully, the support team will have worked out the overload issues and become truly helpful before too much more time has elapsed. Some reviewers have indicated that the robot is unable to trade often. In some cases, this meant as infrequently as once a week. If you are a trader working on a higher volume of currency trades, this might just frustrate you beyond words. The price point is currently set at $97 for the product. This is significantly higher than other Forex robot systems. But, if profitable, then who really cares?

*Raves Next

The robot uses proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities that allow it to forecast at least 2 to 4 hours ahead of the market, and then react and adapt to changing market conditions, so that it continues to profit on investments regardless of market shifts. Developers Perrie and Grace call this AI capability Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis (RCTPA). Actually, it is an algorithm that can forecast the future short-term movement of prices. Part of what makes the RCTPA so very spectacular is that the robot can carefully select the trading it will do, and it only makes trades that have a high possibility of winning. Traders using this robot can choose risk levels, and select automatic or fixed position sizing. The flexibility is outstanding.

The Megadroid has advertised a guaranteed 95.82% accuracy rate. This is really commendable. Add that to the fact that home traders can actually have a robot assistant that keeps thinking and keeps working long after the close of shop for the day, and you have a winning combination all round. The robot really could be called Megadroid Artificial Intelligence Robot for all of the future capabilities it brings to the Forex market. People have been talking about artificial intelligence for years, and here it is.

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