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Are You Looking for Selling or Buying Software Intellectual Properties

The new business mindset is-‘If there’s a method by which something can be done quicker or cheaper, why not use it’? This trend initially paved the way for outsourcing as a means to significantly reduce the cost of services. Similarly, Software Intellectual Properties (SIPs) are now making gradual inroads. SIPs represent an innovative and promising new approach for engineers to speed up the design and development cycle. During the course of a software development project, most companies find themselves racing against time, in order to meet the tight deadlines that they have committed themselves to. Deliver within An end-to-end software development project involves a range of intermediate software components, which have to be developed by qualified programmers, debugged, and customized as per the client’s business requirements. The whole process takes up resources such as trained manpower, development and testing time, computing time, and other associated overheads. As a technology professional handling a software development project, if you were offered ready-to-use software components that could instantly fit into an application and remove the need for developing them from scratch, surely it would go a long way in speeding up your software development cycle. This is actually possible now, through software intellectual properties.

What is Software Intellectual Properties (SIPs)?

Software Intellectual Properties are ready-to-use software components and source code for various technology applications. A range of reusable components and code are available as SIPs: audio codecs, video codecs, speech codecs, image codecs, wireless technologies, embedded software, reference design, device drivers, RTOS (Real-Time Operating Systems), etc. Instead of allocating resources to developing such software components in-house, you can actually buy them and then tailor them to an application. A SIP is therefore a time-saving solution.

Who Creates Software Intellectual Properties (SIP)?

Reusable software components and code are developed by technically qualified individuals or companies. These reusable components and code are the intellectual property of the individual developers, or the company for which they work. They are offered for a price, and companies can purchase the IPs and then adapt them to suit a particular application. If a technically-qualified developer has already spent time and effort in creating a reusable and customizable software component, it is certainly worth exploring and evaluating. Trading in SIPs is gradually gaining acceptance worldwide as a viable way to achieve operational efficiencies. It is a logical progression in the software industry, where there is a large talent pool of trained individuals constantly experimenting with innovative software components. For example, in the process of developing a Bluetooth software component for a wireless embedded application for a customer, some of the developer’s priorities would be to:

  • Create a product that fits the customer’s environment in terms of programming language.
  • Customize it to suit the customer’s business application;
  • Match the memory requirement to the customer’s product;
  • Create a component with low MIPS (million instructions per second) requirements, so that it can run on small mobile devices. Such products have a wide range of applications, with the differentiation mainly required through customization for particular business applications

How to identify right product for your business needs?

As is evident in the two examples cited above, developers build in a certain amount of adaptability into their SIPs, to ensure that they are easy to integrate into a software project. Adaptability is a key factor in SIP selection, so the key phrases to look for include: OS-independent, conforming to coding standards, scalable, customizable to the application, optimized for various hardware platforms, adaptable programming languages, optimized for any application, etc. Online search for SIPs opportunities can be explored at portals like IPSuperMarket or designandreuse – and their services are available worldwide to businesses, technical experts and software developers. is a portal that connects buyers and sellers of software-related IPs. In other words, Ipsupermarket brings buyers and sellers together in one platform, which helps them to communicate directly for various software codecs, ip, patents or reference design.

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