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Apple v/s Android. Which One Is Better?

When you are looking for a smartphone, you are not only supposed to choose between the various mobile companies but also choose the OS or the operating system of the smartphone. You have two options and they are Android phones or iPhones. Both of them have the best operating systems. They have got some similarities but huge differences too. You should always consider both the sides before buying the best smartphone for yourself. They have best features but certain parameters set them apart.

The price of each apple iPhone is too high when compared with the android phones. It’s not that there are no android phones whose price levels do not match with the apple’s price structure. In case of android phones, there are various models available for all the budgets. A common man can easily afford to buy an Android phone but the situation is not the same when it comes to buying iPhone. Apple makes only iPhones so the options are limited.

When it comes to apps and features, Android has around 2.7 million apps while Apple has got around 2.2 million apps. The best part about Android is that it allows you to change all the default apps for almost each and everything which includes camera, messages, launcher and more. In case of Apple, iPhones have default apps and once you buy it, you can use only the apps provided by Apple.

Customization is one of the key features of any smartphone. This is considered to be the greatest strengths of android. In case of android phones, it is very easy to customize and add shortcuts to various widgets. Also you can always change your entire user interface with the launchers. You can select icon packs easily, add widgets and change different themes as well. iPhone doesn’t offer much customization options and users can’t change the launchers or the icons or add any extra widgets.

Now when you go for other features like messaging, texting, calls and camera features, apple stands apart from android. Apple gives you the best performance in regard with these features. Android smartphones also give you an excellent performance. But when it comes to the quality of camera, photos, videos and messaging apps, Apple is superior to Android.

If you want to use more of Bluetooth headphones and not wish to stick to headphone jack, then Apple is the right fit for you. Android makers such as Samsung and OnePlus do not offer headphone jacks on their flagship devices any more but there are many other brands under Android who still provide headphone jacks when you buy their smartphone.

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