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Apple AirPods Pro is still the best option for wireless earbuds!

Apple AirPods Pro which is available in all the ecommerce stores as well as the Apple store are extremely good. It is the best combination of convenience and features, Apple’s AirPods Pro has been out for a while now. These are the best wireless ear buds you can ever choose for yourself. It is said that the lucky ones can use this tiny yet the costliest gadget because it is the real treat. This is one of the most popular pair of ear buds in the entire world. It would be wrong if we doubt on the productivity of such awesome technology. They are user-friendly and comes with amazing features which are makes this expensive gadget absolutely worthy.

However, in terms of sound quality, Apple AirPods Pro isn’t the best one yet but this tiny pair of ear buds look shinning white and has surely got some creative features inbuilt. It comes with a charging case along with some good instructions to use this gadget along with some warranty booklets and a lightning charging cable. Apple is known for its best design and rich quality and air pods surely is an example for it. The battery life is simply awesome and it offers incredible noise cancellation.

The charging case is made of plastic yet it is one fabulous piece. It is lightweight and can be easily tossed into your pocket. There is a button on the back to enter the Bluetooth pairing mode and there is a small LED light on the front for charging and pairing. It fits perfect and you can go a long way with this. The design of AirPods Pro is slightly different from that of the old AirPods and why not. This one is the advanced version and also the best headphones Apple has created so far.

The Pros of Apple AirPods Pro are-

  • Very user-friendly and easy setup
  • Smooth syncing of music, calls and other forms of audio
  • Very active noise cancellation
  • Perfect fitting to your ears and easy to handle while any form of physical exercises.

The Negatives of using AirPods Pro-

  • Not the “ONE” which produces the best sound quality
  • High price and not so affordable for all. (In India it will cost you Rs24900! What?)

When this technology was about to get launched, Apple had mentioned that this gadget is going to have features like directional audio filters to play all types of sounds virtually anywhere in the space.

When you read reviews about other earbud brands, you might come across certain negative reviews like worst battery life, improper syncing, weak connections and even worst durability. But in case of Apple AirPods Pro, you won’t find any such negative reviews except the fact that it is way too expensive. The pair is designed so extremely well with dual beamforming microphones and custom high dynamic range amplifier. The battery life is impressive and it charges fast. With great reviews and extraordinary features, AirPods Pro remains unbeatable.

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