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Anxiety Control for Artificial Intelligent Androids Companions

If you are a robotic engineer or working in the field of artificial intelligent androids you might consider in advance the kinds of things that humans will be asking other robotic companions and household slaves. One thing that is important for the health of longevity of the artificially intelligent robotic system is to understand when the human is getting a little pissed off. That is to say you need to think about designing an anxiety control system, which senses when the human is upset and allows the robot to go into a more pleasant personality mode. Especially if there are guns in the house.

Although generally if you shoot your robot that would not be considered under warranty. Yet, we all know how pissed off we can get with equipment and machines. As a professional robotic engineer you must consider this potentially sensuality and advance. You have a couple of choices; one, you can build your robot tougher, stronger and more battle ready to any military artificially intelligent robotic android or battlebot from Robo Wars with bulletproof vests guarding its most sensitive components. Or you can design response software which we human hostility is sensed it will go into a more calm displacement personality mode. Please consider this for that humans know not what they do.

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