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A Big Threat: DDoS on the Verge of Elimination

The previous years have witnessed many cases of websites shutting down due to DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service), which used to be one of the prominent modus operandi for cybercrimes to compromise precious data.

The average cost to execute a DDoS is $40,000 and the best part is that today the IT giants are looking into the matter seriously and implementing solutions. One of the strong resolutions is shifting from shared to dedicated hosting where you have the entire control of security and access; however, ISPs and hosting service providers have their individual roles to play as well.

As per the words of COO at Corero Network Security, Mr. Dave Larse, “It’s is just like bathing under the shower and seeing 75% of water flowing from the shower is contaminated and when the water bill comes, it so skeptical accept that how can someone be so relaxed to pay the bill for contaminated water, the internet supply is just like that only.”

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Hosting providers are now not so keen about the malicious traffic, but most of them have raised concern and are now conscious about the threat. Years back, hosting service providers used to shift the entire traffic towards an IP location that did not exist, which might also include the loyal users. So, anyways the step may be not deliberate, but the hosting service providers only did the add-on for the DDoS attack. The recent technological advancement has surpassed the hacker’s capability using the same for higher degree malicious purposes.

Latest Technology Contribution Towards the Threat

As per Larson, “The technology is efficient enough to be implemented at the peering point that can protect the consumer traffic as it travels across the organizational boundaries. So, now the hosting services can be more reliable and the security levels can be altered as per the user requirements.” He also added saying, “It’s simply a win-win situation, as hosting service providers can evolve into more reliable agent while the customers will also remain safe from poor filtered data.

Selecting an Ideal Hosting

With the evolution of purpose-built technology to discard unwanted traffic, there is no way that a hosting service provider can escape offering quality to its customers. So, it is highly crucial that you see the protective capacity of the hosting service provider before buying anything for them or else you will end up paying monthly bills for something that is completely irrelevant for you.

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