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5 Gadgets That Can Make Your Smartphone, Smarter

Are smartphones really smart? As most of the people use smartphones to surf the internet, browse social media platforms, make memes, play games and listen to music and not much advance technologies are needed to run those activities. Nevertheless, smartphones are equivalent to mini computers, they can do incredible things. But is a dedicated use of tech, smartphone can do several online activities for you which includes locking and unlocking your homes, monitoring the health, contact relatives in case of emergency, locate missing car and much more. In this article we will be discussing about how you can make your smartphone smarter to make your life easier. Continue reading to know more


Keys disappear when you need the most, ever experience? Well, many of us has surely experienced the same several times. Hone will now help you find your keys easily, it a Bluetooth device available for iPhone and iPod. To locate the keys, you will have to just tie the device with the keys and press the find button on the iOS device, the device will immediately light up and emit a sound indicating its position.


Lazy enough to get up from the door while someone is knocking at the door? Well, you don’t really have to step down from your bed anymore,Lockitron will unlock the door for you with a touch on the smartphone and also it will notify you when someone is at the door, knocking. Through customization, you can even set your door to unlock whenever you are closer to the door. Hence, no more fumbling with the house keys.


Introducing the Geode GNS2 Sub-Meter GPS Receiver - The American ...

Geode converts all your physical cards, membership cards into digital information and to use the cards, you can transfer the info to the given Geode card for temporary use. To activate, flick the card and swipe the credit card through the terminal normally.


Sensordrone is a tool that harvests essential information around the surroundings which include gas leaks, quality of the air, humidity, temperature and everything that can practically be sensed.


Not many might have imagined that detecting the fishes underwater would ever be possible. The miracle has happened, Deeper can detect the movement of the fishes within a radius of 50m and reflects its catch on the smartphone’s screen.

To conclude, the above listed tools can surely make your life simpler and better. To know more, stay connected to us. Thank you.

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